What’s your full name?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

When we founded our house I took on the name of Sr. Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or. Our names express our personalities – if you want to know about all the personality features of my name, just ask me… I like to talk *g*. In my time at the O.S.P.I. Berlin I was known as Sr. Lea da’Maris Sciurula Adversa Diaboli.

When is your birthday?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

On November 28, 2006, I became a member of the Arch Mother House in Berlin, so that’s my birthday, although every nun has her own idea about that: joining the Order, the day you heard „the call“, the promotion to a fully ordained Sister, or her consecration…

Where do you live?

In one of my favourite German towns: the comfy, small-townish, beautiful Oldenburg in Lower Saxony.

What are your interests?

As a Sister? You’ll find out when we meet for the first time… Short skirts and pink and yellow make-up definitely are among them…

Who is/was your mentor?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

That’s a tough question, because mentors (a fully professed Sister that supports you during your apprenticeship) weren’t introduced until shortly before the end of my apprenticeship. My first choice would have been Sr. Holla die Waldfee, but she couldn’t be my mentor due to her being a member of the head board then. Then I chose Sr. Esmeralda, because I always got along very well with her – but she couldn’t take as much care for me as I would have wished, but she is my official mentor.

So I would say that my true mentors are the Sisters that took care most for my training: Sr. Sunshine and Sr. Gloria – Thank you both, you are wonderful!

When did you feel you should join the Order?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

In the summer of 2006 I hosted a documentary for LuST e.V., the Gay Pride Association of Oldenburg, together with a lesbian friend from Braunschweig. That’s when I interviewed Sr. Rosa. We had a very nice and interesting talk, and until then I had viewed the Sisters as no more than some “strange fetish group”. I was immediately taken and fascinated by the idea of the Sisters. After this interview I thought about joining the Order for half a year – the result came quickly: YES, of course!

And so, after lots of further talks and discussions and meetings with several Sisters I decided to apply for membership and was admitted into the Order on November 28, 2006. I haven’t regretted it ever since and I am still enthusiastic and moved by our work.

Why are you with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

I don’t have any other hobbies. :-D – No, seriously… It’s nice to do something good and meaningful. Our work is much more than just painting our faces and wearing strange clothes (although I do love this kind of street theatre). Making my contribution to the fight against AIDS is probably the most important part of my motivation, because I’m being appalled again and again how ignorant and careless the gay scene often treats this issue.

So our outfit, our appearance, and the social commitment are the reasons why I wear pantyhoses and strap some tits onto my head…

What are your aims in life?

As a Sister my top priority is to magic a smile onto people’s faces. – and of course: world peace ^^

What do you believe in?

Love, Hope, Justice, Irony, and that make-up solves many problems!

What was your most beautiful experience in the Order?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

Oh, let me think about that… I did experience a lot of nice things as a Sister. I can think of wonderful manifestations, people I’ve met, magnificent conversations, certain very great Sisters…But he two most beautiful things certainly are

  1. Meeting my husband as a Sister. Especially that we fell in love with each other although he only saw me in my habit for three days.
  2. My daughter Euphoria’s consecration – It was a wonderful feeling to lead her to her consecration!

Thanks a lot to both of you for all those wonderful moments!

What was your worst experience in the Order?

Yes, unfortunately there are two very bad things that have really devastated me:

  1. In the spring of 2010 I was insulted as a racist by a person that was not really able to speak German, only because s/he couldn’t understand what I was saying. These insults weren’t really the worst part of it, but some supposed friends didn’t stand up for me out of fear of being degraded themselves. And this person probably still thinks s/he was right.
  2. In the summer of 2010 I was attending the celebrations for the anniversary of the House in Paris. We were invited for dinner at a restaurant. Someone there berated me and all the missionaries of the Order and, as a final gesture of his scorn, he stabbed me into the hip with a pizza knife. I wasn’t hurt badly, but it was still a terrible experience.

What else would you like to tell the world?

Sister Lea o’Hura Magistra Super’i’or O.S.P.I.

Life is beautiful, enjoy it as much as you can! That’s what I do, too…

Consider yourself smooched by
Your Lea