What’s your full name?

Guard Dominatus S.P.I.

When is your birthday?

February 26, 1964

Where do you live?

In Oberhausen/Rhineland, Ruhr Metropolitan Area

[What are your interests?

Diving, listening to music, photography, meeting up with friends, travelling

Who is/was your mentor?

There were no mentors until my consecration, but Sr. Latea watched over my consecration.

When did you feel you should join the Order?

Easter 2006, when I met Sr. Piccolettha and she told me about the work and tasks of the Order.

Why are you with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

Because I would like to make a change and sharpen the young gays’ and bisexuals’ knowledge about sexuality.

What are your aims in life?

Supporting the Sisters in the Order and worldwide – with my work and skills.

What do you believe in?

That people will one day be able to live their sexuality in a more conscious way and that they will accept and put up with their fellow human beings.

What was your most beautiful experience in the Order?

My promotion to a fully professed Guard on my birthday.

What was your worst experience in the Order?

I can’t think of anything bad yet.