What’s your full name?

Guard Anastasius O.S.P.I.

I am Guard Anastasius S.P.I.

When I read the novel „Pope Joan“ while the movie adaption was running at the cinemas I stumbled over that name and was immediately taken by it.

And honestly: Is there anything cooler than being called “the resurrected one“?! ;-)

When is your birthday?

I was born on October 27, 2009. You don’t believe me? I don’t look like it? Thanks! :-)

Seriously, I don’t consider my birthday that important. I would prefer to be judged by things that I am responsible for myself…

Where do you live?

Love has drawn me to Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. I like to live and manifest here.

What are your interests?

Guard Anastasius O.S.P.I.

As a figure of the Order my prime interest is our chosen task and shangling along in our community.

I’m always drawn to where there are lots of people and there’s a possibility to get to know interesting individuals. One of my strengths is the ability to master critical situations, and being able to approach almost every human being, and wanting to.

I’m very IT-friendly, I tinkered around with this website, for example…

Secularly you could say that I’m a cross between a pasha and a macho – you can always make my day with a good single malt, a Sumatran cigar, a “piece of dead cow on a plate”, or “something down there”. :-)

Who was/is your mentor?

Ha! You gotta hear this! :-)

As an apprentice in a mission that was then a part of the Berlin Arch Mother House I should have been allowed only one mentor, a Sister or Guard from Berlin. But I thought that this would be very impractical – what with the distance and all that. But luckily the Mistress of the Novitiate (an instructor in “real life”) could be persuaded that a second mentor closer to the apprentice’s home would be the best choice under these circumstances.

Great, isn’t it? And who did it? :-)

Long story short: My first mentor was Guard Heinrich, my second mentor was Sr. Sunshine, who lived in Hamburg at that time.

When did you feel you should join the Order?

Guard Anastasius O.S.P.I.

The Great Goddess called for me as soon as I saw the nuns for the first time in the flesh in Kiel. After many, many, and many more questions my inner picture had become clear and I knew: “Yup, that’s exactly your thing!” And it was clear pretty soon that I would become just a Guard.

Even today it’s incomprehensible to me why some humans in this world force themselves into pantyhoses, high heels, and other uncomfortable things; damn patriarchal structures, stupid beauty ideals. But I digress…

I had been constantly doing voluntary work since I was 17, organizing parties, at the LSVD (Germany’s nation-wide gay and lesbian association), or at the Gay Pride committees in Kiel and later Oldenburg.

I had never done “something involving painting yourself” before, but the work and the indulgent approach of the nuns had always fascinated me. And that’s coming from someone who looks like he wants to exterminate the whole cosmos after getting out of bed. :-)

Well, all of this was put into motion when I applied for membership and my apprenticeship started in the fall of 2009.

Why are you with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

Guard Anastasius O.S.P.I.

I’m so convinced by the international Sisters’ policy that I don’t bother investing time and money and sacrificing my pure facial skin for it. :-)

What really keeps me going is the thought that working in the Order gives more back to me than what I give for the Order. Every smile, every chat always reverberates into the next contact, and it’s a wonderful feeling to sense people being happy to see us.

And so I cannot see our manifestations as work, it’s just fun!

What are your aims in life?

At the Order: I’d like to be able to say one day that I’ve met every Sister, Guard, Angel etc.

Furthermore, I think that the foundation to our work will only be finished when I am NOT asked anymore who we are and what we do. It’s not that I am peeved by this question, but I still see the need for explanations and a potential for future manifestations here. :-)

What do you believe in?

Guard Anastasius O.S.P.I.

I believe that all people are equal. You can stick your stigmatizations of any kind where the sun doesn’t shine. Discriminating someone because of their gender, their identity, their believes, their colour of skin, weight, or clothes is as wonderfully simple as it is stupid. The way I see it everyone has the potential to make the best out of themselves and be at peace with themselves and the world.

What was your most beautiful experience in the Order?

I don’t want to pick out one single thing here, because there are always two very special moments with every manifestation:

  1. When you come to an event and the people are happy to see you.
  2. When I can wipe the make-up from my face at the end of a manifestation and finally blow my nose. That’s almost better than sex. ;-)

What was your worst experience in the Order?

Luckily, I haven’t had to endure a bad or even worst moment yet, although I’m sure that coincidence, fate, and time have something in store for me – that bitches.

What else would you like to tell the world?

I’m surprised that there are only so little people doing voluntary work in Germany. The German as such likes to complain and be discontent, but refuses to take over the steering wheel and try to tackle his small or mediocre problems himself. That’s just whining on a higher level, but nobody will stand up and take action. It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

But maybe you and me BOTH should discuss this when we meet each other.

See you around,