How can we get the Nuns to visit our event?

Lots of things in life are easy – to get members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to manifest at your event is one of those things: You just invite them! Just send an e-mail to kapitel[at] and we will talk about the rest with you.

Of course we will have to know some things in advance to plan our manifestation, so you should answer the following questions in your first request, if possible.

  • What kind of event is it and what do you expect from us?

We’ll do almost anything: Tend the bar, hang around at the entrance, a little show on your stage, hosting the event, or just our job: spreading universal joy, giving away safer sex materials, and collecting donations. We’ll be glad to talk about the details with you.

  • How long will it take?

Do we need a place to sleep or travel a long way? If so, you need to accommodate us and take care of our travel costs. We do our work voluntarily and unsalaried and invest our time and work, so it would be nice if we don’t have to spend our own money for this.

  • How many nuns do you need?

    Our rules say that apprentices must not manifest without a fully professed Sister or Guard, so we need to know how many members we can and may bring with us. And of course our apprentices should have the chance to learn much in a short time.

When we have reached an agreement on all of this we will tell our members about the event and date so we can see who would like to come. So in the end it’s just a question of our own private schedules if and how many of us can come. But especially during the Gay Pride Season (June – August) and on World AIDS Day it’s pretty difficult to get us to manifest at other occasions, because then, as you would expect, we are on tour quite a lot.

So your best chances are to contact us as soon as possible – generally, we love to be your guests!