How can I become a Sister or Guard?

Actually it’s pretty easy to become a Sister or Guard at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: If you hear „the call“ (or, more simply: If you want to do something good and useful, spread joy, and make a contribution to fighting HIV and AIDS), just make an application!

At the S.P.I. at the Temple of Nordic Joy you can become a Sister or Guard by going through an “apprenticeship” that will last about one year. Here you will learn everything you need to know for your every-day work as a Sister or Guard. This apprenticeship is split into three stages, each with its own set of rules.

Here’s a rough guideline:


To become a Sister or Guard you will at first be a guest of the Order. In this time you will participate at our internal meetings (general meetings or tutorials) and accompany us at our manifestations. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us better and have a closer look at our work and decide if you really want to join the Order.

At this stage you’re just a silent observer.


After you have been promoted to a postulant by our Mistress or Master of the Novitiate you are a member of the Order and an applicant for membership in our association. Here too you will take part in our internal meetings, join us at our manifestations, and you will now help us by carrying our baskets with condoms and brochures, which you will also give away to the members of the community.

You learn by watching and helping us, but you will be subjected to a certain vow of silence.

There’s so much you can learn at this stage that will be useful for you when you get promoted to a novice.


Congratulations, you are a member of our association now. In this last stage of your apprenticeship you can show what you have learned so far. Now you can do everything a Sister or Guard does, as long as a fully ordained Sister or Guard is at your side.

This stage ends with a kind of exam: You will have to do a project and prove that you can plan, organize, lead, and evaluate a manifestation on your own. The other members of the Order will of course be at your side and help you.

After you have successfully done your project you can apply for the promotion to a fully ordained Sister or Guard. If the Evening Vespers approves your promotion, you will be consecrated to a Sister or Guard and take your vows.

So, are you still interested in becoming a Sister or Guard? Then just contact our board by sending an e-mail to kapitel[at] The Mistress of the Novitiate will answer you, you can also ask her anything about the apprenticeship’s details.

Btw: There is no standard form for application. Just make your request as individual and creative as you are yourself.

We would love to hear from you!